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1. Who We Are

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2. Why Choose DirectoryEngine

Smooth flows, optimized for a web application

  • Easily search for a place: At the top of the site, there’s a big map which locates all places matching the search criteria. And users can use the advanced search system to decide the time period as well as the radius to explore more places.
  • Comprehensive filter system: The filter system with different criterias allows users to limit the search results and quickly find their favourite places.
  • Submit a place listing without hassles: Admins can set up free and paid listing package plans, each of which has its own config of availability and number of places. Finally, a few simple clicks are all users need to do to add their places.
  • Explore places without page reloads: Like its other siblings, DirectoryEngine is powered with ajax in most place loading experience. No more page reloads needed and save your users tons of time surfing your site.
  • Raise their opinions: Love it or hate it, users have the rights to give comments and ratings for any places through the review section.
  • Member’s own space and bookmark system: After registration, users can access to their member areas to start customizing their profiles and manage their listings. Moreover, whenever users like a place, they can add it to their favourite listings. These places then will be stored in their profile and they can take a look at them later.

DirectoryEngine supports many great default function

  • Responsive design & dedicated mobile version: As we always said, you don’t have to worry about your site’s appearance using our theme. From large screens to mobile devices – your site will always appear beautifully.
  • Translation support: Not in an English-speaking country? Don’t worry yet, since you can totally translate your site to your prefered language right in the back-end.

3. How It Works

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4. Meet Our Team

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